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A Foodie’s Christmas: Unique Kitchen Gifts

Do you and your loved ones enjoy cooking, eating out and all things food related? Then get inspired for your Christmas shopping this year, using this list of unique kitchen essentials for the foodies in your life.

1.    Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Jug – £22.99

Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Jug(image: © Argos)

If you are looking for a practical or multifunctional gift, a digital kitchen scale measuring jug is perfect. This allows you to measure and weigh ingredients at the same time, in both metric and imperial units; so no more tricky conversion maths for busy Christmas chefs.

2.    iPad Stand – £38

iPad Stand(image: © Etsy)

There is nothing worse than dropping ingredients on your iPad when following a recipe. Keep it clean, safe and easy to read with a handy iPad stand.

3.    Citrus Juicing Spray – £5.99

Citrus Juicing Spray(image: © Drink Stuff)

We love a little bit of citrus to accompany our smoked salmon, but too much can be overwhelming. Get the balance just right with this handy spritzer. Simply pierce the fruit with perforated edge and spray juice directly from the fruit.

4.    Unspillable Whiskey or Wine Glasses – £14.99

Unspillable Whiskey or Wine Glasses(image: © Amazon)

Never worry about spilling a drink again with these unspillable whiskey or wine glasses. The cone shape bottom means the glass rotates on the spot if tapped, so it won’t fall. And with a simple design these glasses will look like they belong on any table.

5.    Salmon Carving Knife – £17.99

Fluted Carving Knife(image: © knifeco)

No chef’s arsenal is complete without a salmon carving knife. This specially designed knife will assure super-thin slices of salmon and smooth, clean cuts with minimal effort. Why not gift a salmon carving knife with one of our fresh Scottish salmon?

6.    An Engraved Chopping Board – £39

An Engraved Chopping Board(image: © Make Me Something Special)

Add a personal touch to a frequently used item by having a chopping board engraved. Whether you add the cook’s name or a special message, any budding chef will adore this thoughtful gesture. Just make sure any detail is done on the side to avoid a cleaning nightmare.

7.    Deco spoon – £14.99

Deco spoon(image: © Amazon)

These handy tools allow you to draw on a plate using sauces or jus, to create an edible masterpiece. Make your culinary dishes look like fine art using only the best high quality ingredients, and adding a special touch with a deco spoon.

8.    Gourmet Trotter Luxury Mobile Hamper – £399

Gourmet Trotter Luxury Mobile Hamper(Image: © Gourmet Trotter)

We think our smoked salmon makes a great addition to any summer picnic, so get prepared for next year with this beautiful mobile hamper. With dedicated sections, and attached wheels, this is a convenient and luxurious hamper for only the finest of dining in the sun.

So what do you think of these food-inspired Christmas gifts? We’re sure your friends and family will love them. For an edible gift, buy smoked salmon from John Ross Jr. or take a look at our Christmas product selection. Why not buy them all and build your own festive hamper?