Balmoral Fillet

Balmoral Fillet

Balmoral Fillet

An extraordinarily delicious piece of smoked salmon – even if we do say so ourselves. The Balmoral fillet is taken from the crown of the fillet of salmon, which forms the most tender and succulent part of the fish. Its slowly cold smoked in our turn of the century red brick kilns over oak and beech chippings and delivers a melt in the mouth smoked salmon that is truly (and we mean truly) world class. We can’t be more passionate about it. Now available in a brand-new presentation box, giving extra WOW factor, especially for gifts.

Minimum weight 300g – serves 18 as canapés or up to 5 people as a starter.


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454g Traditional Smoked Salmon

454g Traditional Smoked Salmon

A 454g pack of our truly traditional and classicly cold smoked Traditional Smoked Salmon – laterally sliced. Smoked over oak and beech chippings in our red brick kilns dating back to 1857, this pack is the perfect size if you’re having guests for a dinner party (serves 8-10 people for starters) or if you’re making canapés or blinis – serves 20-30.


Product Reviews

Wow absolutely delicious!

This is the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted, absolutely delicious!

By Deena Dawes 07 Jan 2021

Balmoral fillet

This is my favourite cut of Smoked Salmon. Truly superb and Im told, the finest cut you can get of Smoked Salmon. Not cheap and worth every penny!

By Robin Parkinson 29 Nov 2012

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September 15th 2021
Reasons to buy Scottish smoked salmon