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Smoked Fish

Smoked Haddock 1/2 Stone box

Smoked Haddock 1/2 Stone box

Our naturally smoked haddock is probably one of our most versitale fish - with a hint of sweetness,...


Smoked Mackerel Fillets

Smoked Mackerel Fillets

Traditionally hot smoked these succulent mackerel fillets are really versatile. Use on salads, make...


Smoked Mackerel with Black Pepper

Smoked Mackerel with Black Pepper

Traditionally hot smoked these succulent mackerel fillets have a gentle scattering of cracked black...


Whole Smoked Kippers

Whole Smoked Kippers

Delicious and plump, oak smoked kippers, whole (boneless and split down the middle). Lovely...


Scottish Smoked Fish

At John Ross Jr. we're renowned for our highest-quality traditionally smoked fish.

Our finest smoked salmon is supplied by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and featured in countless Michelin-starred restaurants across the UK and overseas. Ethically sourced from clean, clear Scottish waters and traditionally prepared in 19th century Scottish smokehouse, our produce is honed with time-honoured techniques for the optimum flavour and texture.

A Sustainable, Traditional Taste of Scotland

We've been sourcing and supplying premium smoked fish from our base in Aberdeen, Scotland, for over 27 years. Our fish is from the cold clear waters of the North West Coast of Scotland and is cured and smoked by our team of experts in 19th century kilns. As a result, you get to enjoy quality smoked fish whether it's for an intimate dinner party or the grandest occasion.

When you buy online at John Ross Jr. you can be sure you're sourcing the very best in smoked Scottish produce, all vacuum packed for ultimate freshness.

Enjoy fish today that’s healthy, tasty and versatile - a true taste of Scotland. Shop online today for:

  • Rainbow trout
  • Haddock
  • Mackerel
  • Kippers

Don't forget, when you spend more than £100, we'll ship your order to you completely free of charge. For more information and custom orders, speak to a member of our customer service team today on 01483 224900.



September 15th 2021
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