Smoked salmon pancake recipe roundup

John Ross Jr's top three 2017 Pancake Day recipes

John Ross Jr’s top three 2017 Pancake Day recipes

There aren’t many days in the year that can immediately transport you back to your childhood like Pancake Day can.

In fact Christmas, Easter Day and Pancake Day all provide that sense of nostalgia. Interestingly, they all have a foodie link, too.

We’ve previously blogged on how pancakes are typically associated with being a sweet dish, however the recent ‘blini boom’ indicates that savoury pancakes could now be vying for the top spot alongside the traditional – and much loved – lemon and sugar pancake.

And having found a few fantastic smoked salmon recipes over the last couple of days – one of which is a smoked salmon blini recipe – we thought we’d share our top three with you.

1. Smoked salmon pancake wraps
This one, which we found on Delicious online, really does deserve the top spot for offering simplicity and flavour with (if you cook your pancake correctly) a fine looking dish.

You can view the recipe here and if you are planning on making 40 pieces as per the recipe, then we would recommend buying John Ross Jr’s Traditional Smoked Salmon 454g pack.

2. Smoked salmon pancakes with lemon and caper crème fraîche
Close behind Delicious magazine’s offering is this simple smoked salmon blini recipe from Olive magazine. It really would be criminal to overlook the blini – and the inclusion of capers in this recipe provides a nicely balanced flavour.

Our 200g pack of Traditional Smoked Salmon would be perfect for this delightful dish.

3. Buckwheat pancakes with smoked salmon and citrus cream cheese
A slightly more involved recipe however this one, which comes courtesy of BBC, is aimed at those who choose or require a gluten free alternative.

Again, the inclusion of capers (or caperberries, in this case) provides a depth of flavour however it’s the toasted pumpkin seeds that make it stand out for us.

Our 200g pack of Traditional Smoked Salmon will also work wonders for this recipe.

What are you plans for Pancake Day? Share your savoury recipes with us via our Facebook page.