Long live the Queen

It’s official. Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, having celebrated over 23,200 days in her role as Queen.

The Queen, and indeed the monarchy, is very special for much of the UK’s population and with good reason, too. As she approaches 90 the Queen remains a constant and someone who so elegantly represents the UK on home turf and overseas.

And, as a Royal Warrant Holder, appointed Fish Merchant and Curer to Her Majesty, we feel that we should reflect on over six decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and publicly express how honoured and proud we are to hold this prestigious accolade.

And what better way to celebrate being the longest serving monarch than spending it in Scotland. Admittedly, true to form and as part of her remarkable commitment to the UK, the Queen celebrated the milestone by opening the Scottish Borders Railway.

Whilst we’re not quite six decades old, John Ross Jr has been preparing Scottish Smoked Salmon for over 10,000 days, which we feel is an accolade in itself. Using traditional smoking techniques that unbelievably pre-date Queen Elizabeth II’s reign (and in fact date back to Queen Victoria’s rule) we continue to produce what we believe is the ‘jewel in the crown’ when it comes to smoked salmon.

But enough about us, this week is about the Queen and everything that she represents. So, from everyone at John Ross Jr, we congratulate you, your Majesty, and wish you many more happy and successful years on the throne.