Cold smoked or kiln roasted?

Whilst there are countless smoked salmon brands on the market and a growing repertoire of flavours and cures, smoked salmon can be broken down into two distinct categories: kiln roasted (sometimes referred to as hot smoked) and cold smoked.

Do you know the difference? If the answer’s no then you will by the time you’ve finished reading this piece. Not only that but you’ll know the best salmon to buy for all occasions or to simply enjoy on your own.

Cold smoked salmon

This is without question the most popular and well-known type of smoked salmon. Whilst production methods vary the principle remains the same in as much as the salmon isn’t cooked; it is simply exposed to smoke. In the case of John Ross Jr and other traditional smokehouses, the salmon is individually hung in brick kilns and smoked over smouldering woodchips for around 24 hours. The duration of the smoke depends on a multitude of factors such as the ambient temperature, the amount of salt used and the size of the fish, which is where the skill of our Master Smoker is required!

In a nutshell…

A delicate smoky flavour and a wonderful tender texture. Perfect for canapés or simply served on its own with lemon and cracked pepper

Supplied in Waitrose John Ross Jr's traditional smoked salmon is smoked in traditional red brick kilns dating back to 1857

Kiln roasted salmon

This type of smoked salmon is by no means new but its availability in delis, farm shops and supermarkets throughout the UK is boosting its popularity. The process of kiln roasting involves cooking the salmon at a high temperature after the curing process it to make it as moist as possible AND give the fish a firmer texture. Kiln roasted salmon has become an ideal ‘on-the-go’ food and its versatility means that it can be used across a wide range of dishes including salads, pasta dishes and omelettes.

In a nutshell…

A moister and flakier smoked salmon with a richer, smokier flavour – and a perfect alternative for those who prefer a firmer, ‘cooked’ texture when eating smoked salmon.

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