Buy smoked salmon this Black Friday

There is no longer a day that isn’t reserved for some celebration (our last blog, which was a nod to ‘pomegranate month’, is probably a good example). However, one day that’s really starting to resonate is Black Friday – and why wouldn’t it, when it’s based on bagging bargains. And if you can’t beat them then you may as well join them, which is why we’re offering 25% OFF WHEN YOU BUY SMOKED SALMON PRODUCTS this Friday (23rd).

But there is a catch (pun intended) – although it’s a nice catch.

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(Oh, and as it’s Black Friday, here’s a black-inspired fish recipe that we think you’ll enjoy, too.)


Black miso and sake cod

This is DELICIOUS. And our fresh cod provides an extra delicate texture, too.

Serves 2



2 x John Ross Jr fresh cod fillets

1/8 cup of Sake

1/8 cup of Mirin

2 x tablespoons of white miso paste

1.5 tablespoons sugar

In advance of making the dish – anywhere up to three days, in fact – prepare the miso

marinade and marinate the cod. To do this, you need to bring the sake and Mirin to the boil on a high heat. Then, once the alcohol has evaporated, turn down the heat, add the miso paste and stir until the miso has dissolved. Add the sugar, stirring all the time, so that the sugar doesn’t burn. Once everything has been dissolved, remove from the heat and leave to cool. Once room temperature, you can cover the cod fillets in the marinade and leave in a sealed bowl.

To cook preheat an oven to 190° Celsius. Grease a baking dish. Lightly fry the fillets in a pan on both sides for around three minutes each side. Then transfer the fillets to the baking dish and cook in the oven for five to ten minutes. Enjoy on its own or with wilted spinach.

Enjoy 25% off this Black Friday (23rd November) on all John Ross Jr products bought online
Enjoy 25% off this Black Friday (23rd November) on all John Ross Jr products bought online