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Scotch Ribeye

Scotch Ribeye

Scotch Ribeye

For the ultimate flavour fillet roasting joint or steaks, look no further than our succulent Scotch Ribeye. From the fairest Aberdeen Angus cross cattle bred in the lush green fields of Aberdeen this whole ribeye is world class in flavour.

ALL our beef is supplied fresh – never frozen and has been aged for a minimum of 14 days – giving extra maturing time whilst it gets carefully packed and delivered to your door.

This product arrives with a minimum 7 days shelf life and can also be frozen (we recommend no more than 6 months maximum).

Minimum weight 2.5 kilos. Supplied vacuum packed.


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Scottish King Scallops

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200g Whisky Smoked Salmon

200g Whisky Smoked Salmon

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October 17th 2019
Buy Scottish smoked salmon and get bakin