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By John Ross Jr

Food connoisseurs seeking a modern twist on traditionally prepared smoked salmon need look no further. London’s internationally renowned department store, Harrods, has made traditional smokehouse John Ross Jr’s Tea Smoked Salmon with Lapsang Souchong Tea exclusively available at its iconic food hall.

Cured and smoked in traditional red brick kilns listed by Historic Scotland and dating back to 1857, John Ross Jr’s Tea Smoked Salmon with Lapsang Souchong Tea is delicately smoked over a blend of tea and smouldering oak chippings for 24 hours.

Tapping into Britain’s growing demand for innovative smoked salmon flavours and using China’s most famous tea leaf, often distinguished by its smoky aroma, John Ross Jr’s latest artisan product delivers a beautifully smoked flavour and succulent, rich texture reminiscent of how smoked salmon used to taste.

John Ross Jr’s Tea Smoked Salmon is available in 200g packs for £9.95 and joins the smokehouse’s range of artisan products already available at the Knightsbridge retailer.

Christopher Leigh, John Ross Jr’s Master Smoker, comments: “We’ve created a product that is going to strike a chord with foodies who appreciate a rich, depth of flavour and those who enjoy their smoked salmon with a strong, punchy smoke. This product hasn’t been developed as a marketing ploy or to tap into the latest trends. We wanted to develop a smoked salmon that appealed to those with discerning palates and our latest creation does just that. We’ve created an aromatic flavour that strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary tastes and we’re delighted to make the product exclusively available through Harrods.”

For more information visit www.johnrossjr.com or www.harrods.com



September 15th 2021
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